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Living a Joy-Filled Life


Find encouragement, practical tips, and life-skills that will assist you in living a joy-filled life in the Living A Joy-FIlled Life Podcast. 

Loss is not

It comes in a million different forms–and all of them hurt. For many of us, our worlds have been turned upside down and we are faced with life altering decisions when we’re most fragile and just hanging on emotionally. Whatever your situation, & wherever you are in your grief recovery process, there is hope for the future. You are not alone!
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Founders, Mark S. Negley & Dr. M. Melyn Galbreath


How to survive from one day to the next while facing the trauma of loss.


How to balance the demands of your life while navigating loss and grief recovery.


How to move from loss to hope for a joy-filled and rewarding life!


A Revolutionary 3-Stage Model for Understanding & Processing Grief

Start Right Where You Are

After a loss many ask, where do I start? How do I move forward? The answer, while easier said-than-done, is “Start Where You Stand.” Our goal is to provide resources, podcasts, grief groups and a caring community to help you not only survive unimaginable loss & tragedy, but also navigate the path forward from loss to joy! 

Resources to understand Loss, brokeness & the road to a joy-filled life

Why The 5 Stages Of Grief Might Not Work For You
The most well-known psychology-based model in the grief-recovery world is the Kuebler-Ross "Five Stages of...
What I Learned From Asking The Tough Questions
In an effort to come to grips with my own grief. I spent the last...
Understanding the Healing Journey
Following the death of my wife in 2016, I wanted—no, I needed—to understand my grief....
Permission To Feel The Way You Feel
I know from experience—and I suspect that you know as well—that grief is not linear....
Atomic Emotions
Have you ever seen a diagram of an atom? There’s usually a nucleus made up...

Navigating the Journey from Loss to Hope to Happiness

Walking through grief is a journey that takes time. For those of us who have been through loss, that experience will always be an ongoing part of our story. One of the most important 1st steps you can take is to better understand where you are on the grief journey. The 3-Stage model of S-A-T™ provides emotional hallmarks, challenges, and responses you may experience in each of the interconnected stages, to help you understand your emotions, next-steps, and provide context as you navigate and discover hope in the days ahead.
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Find Community. Find Hope.

FREE Online Grief Groups

Survive-Alive-Thrive offers FREE, online small grief groups, to help you navigate the journey from loss to a joy-filled life. Simply listen or share your story in a safe environment.


million americans

Experience Loss Every Year

The most important thing that we can communicate is that you are not alone! We know from experience that it can sure feel that way, but Survive-Alive-Thrive will help you see that there are many of us–millions in fact–that are going through similar challenges.

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Now Available

A Revolutionary New Book About navigating loss on the road to a joy-filled life!

In Survive-Alive-Thrive: Navigating the Journey from Loss to Hope to Happiness, Mark Negley takes you on a journey through his loss experiences, using his story and the stories of others to teach a new model of grief recovery from a totally different perspective. You don’t have to settle for just surviving the trauma of your loss experience! Set your sights higher and learn how thrive again.
I can't recommend this book enough. I laughed, I cried, and, in the end, I was filled with hope. You can't put a price on that."
Jeff Allen Comedian
...I wholeheartedly agree that we find true joy by helping others through their struggles as we have been helped through ours. This is a powerful book I encourage everyone to read!"
Ginny Owens Singer/Songwriter & Author
I wish it had been required reading in my grief counseling classes in seminary!”
Chaplain Debbie Hunt-Scribner, M.Div.Pastoral Counselor & Prayer Minister

Ask the Experts

Whether you are searching for answers on the S-A-T™ model, topics of loss and brokeness, or on practical tips for everyday life during your grief recovery journey, our experts are here to help!
Dr. Galbreath

Dr. M. Melyn Galbreath


Mark Negley

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