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An important step in the healing journey is sharing your story with those who care about what you’re going through. We embrace the evidence that shows the mere act of sharing leads to healing and want to provide you with a safe, secure and private opportunity to meet with others when you’re ready. In our “Circle of Hope Grief Group™” community, participants register to attend and group sizes are limited to assure the opportunity to share if you are comfortable. No one is required to share, and sometimes it’s therapeutic and comforting to just listen and learn that you’re not alone. Whenever you’re ready, we will be here to welcome you in to our community. Please remember, whatever you are going through, you are not alone!

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We are committed to walking along side you as you navigate your journey back to a joy-filled life, which is why we offer our online support groups for free. Simply register, then review the events calendar to sign-up for the support group that is right for you.

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Sharing and listening to others discuss their loss experiences is proven to facilitate healing for those of us who have been through loss and brokenness. It reminds us that we are not alone and provides us with hope by connecting with those that have been through tough life experiences to find happiness and to experience a joy-filled life following loss. Sometimes it’s hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel, walking together with those of us who are going through it provides strength and community when we need it the most.
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Circle of Hope groups provide strength & community when we need it most.

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Dr. M. Galbreath and Mark S. Negley

Groups are Hosted by author & Founder Mark S. Negley and/or Dr. M. Melyn Galbreath

Circle of Hope Groups

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S-A-T Grief Groups™ are hosted by either author and founder Mark S. Negley and/or Dr. Galbreath, who has spent over 27 years serving the health care industry, and utilizes a private and secure zoom meeting. Mark has been facilitating grief groups since 2016 and designed the Survive-Alive-Thrive navigation and sharing process based on his personal experiences and from years of research and with input from hundreds of interviews with others who have been through loss and brokenness. Blessed to be living a joy-filled life following a gauntlet of challenging life experiences, Mark guides people through the grief sharing experience during the 1 hour sessions with first-hand knowledge of loss related events including dealing with cancer, supporting family members struggling with depression, raising children with special needs and losing his wife to suicide.

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First, make sure that you are logged in. There is a login link at the top right of every page.

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On the event detail page that you have selected, find the large RSVP box and click the "GOING" button. To finalize your meeting reservation, simply click the "FINISH" button on the RSVP form, and you will be sent a confirmation email.

I made a RSVP now what? See a list of all the groups you have made RSVPs for & access your Zoom links from your “MY GROUPS” page, available in the account menu.

A Road Map to Find Joy Again

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Experts agree, to successfully move forward in life, it is helpful to first know where you are. Survive-Alive-Thrive™ equips you with helpful benchmarks and navigation tools to not only determine where you are, but help prepare you for the journey ahead. 


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